Online Stuttering Therapy For Children

Many people who stutter know what they would like to say but have trouble producing a normal speech flow.

The exact cause of stuttering is unknown, although research suggests that those with a familial history are more likely to stutter.

Interestingly, we may all go through periods of normal disfluency when we are young and learning to speak. However, if you or your child experience difficulty and tend to hesitate or repeat certain syllables or words for more than two months, that could be a sign of a stuttering problem.

The focus of therapy for children and adults is to change the way people who stutter communicate with others.

Our techniques target the speaker’s tension, struggle, and avoidance of the core moment of stuttering.

Stuttering therapy will be playful, and we will work side-by-side with the child to maximize the treatment effect. Our nationally certified team of speech-language pathologists are experts in stuttering and have a strong understanding of the research on various stuttering therapy techniques that are highly engaging for children.

Signs of a Stuttering Problem Include:

→ Consistently repeating sounds in a word or words in a sentence

→ Hesitating involuntarily between words in sentences

→ Avoiding saying words that are too difficult to say

→ Showing signs of struggle or anxiety when trying to speak

Stuttering Therapy Goals

The ultimate goal is to speak with less tension by reducing disfluencies, increasing awareness of stuttering moments, and treating secondary behaviors resulting from stuttering.

  • Increase awareness of/reduce physical tension
  • Reduce struggling behaviors/unlearn secondary behaviors 
  • Increase feelings of self-control
  • Increase awareness of speech that is disfluent
  • Increase feelings of openness and acceptance of disfluent speech

The trajectory of stuttering therapy interventions is different for each person, and there is no exact amount of time that applies to everyone. Each of your 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions will be productive and you’ll make measurable progress toward your communication goals!

Online Evaluations & Treatment From the Comfort of Your Home


After your free introductory call, your speech therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment by a skilled speech-language pathologist (SLP) who is highly trained to identify speech and communication issues in young children.


At Exceptional Teletherapy, we believe that goals should be centered around you and created in collaboration with family. An individualized treatment plan for addressing your child’s specific issues will be created.


Since each child is unique and will respond differently to therapy methods, your therapist will create a treatment program tailor-made for your child’s needs and adapt their therapy as needed.

We’ll take the time to properly diagnose your child’s communication issues.

We have a variety of tools that we can use to identify your child’s specific areas of need. Speech-language evaluations may consist of reviewing educational and medical history, clinical observation, and interviews with caregivers. With a proper diagnosis, your child can receive targeted speech therapy to reduce or eliminate communication issues.

We care about helping children make measurable improvements.

Treatment goals will be set by your speech-language pathologist to create meaningful outcomes that achieve real-life improvement. Several of our therapists have teaching certificates. We understand the best, most engaging ways to work with children of all ages.

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Ricardo Leon
Ricardo Leon
My son has improved since it began to assist here. He loves to come here every week. Attention is perfect and convince. We had online sessions and in-person sessions. And his primary therapist, Janellis is the best.
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez
If giving more stars were possible, I would give many more. I have two year old twins and both have been going to this place since last year and I can't describe the joy it gives me to see how far they have come. one of my babies had anxiety when sharing with unknown people and because of this, we could not go to restaurants or places with a lot of people around… and other things. In a short period of them being there, I can say that they are a totally different babies, more sociable, kind and both of them know so many new things, communicating skills and more. I want to thank all of the therapists who have been there with them, but specifically to Monica, Nicole, Stephanie, Ana and Jackie, that have been with them since day one. They are the bests therapists ever! Not only how they teach them, but because they show love and patience to them.
vivan miller
vivan miller
This place is really gods sent my son only had 4 sessions and I already see progress Catalina is amazing I definitely recommend this place!!!
Exceptional Teletherapy
Exceptional Teletherapy
The best of the best but we are bias. 🙂
Jeff McGrath
Jeff McGrath
I have been to two other speech therapists for my son, and was dissapointed by their lack of focus and detail. Exceptional Speech Therapy was recommended by a friend, and I could not be happier. In 3 short motnhs, my child has made improvements that I was unsure would ever take place. I am very thankful for the care and concern their entire team shows, and I sleep better knowing that my son is in a better place.
StarWats Wars
StarWats Wars
Tuve muy buena experiencia en este centro, principalmente con la terapista CAROLINA, me ayudó mucho con el desarrollo alimenticio de mi niño , también Stefanie y Susan , fueron muy buenas y profesionales las 3 , lo recomiendo a otros padres para sus niños , excelente centro de Terapia, gracias CAROLINA por su ayuda .
Aylen Martinez
Aylen Martinez
My daughter started her speech therapy with therapist Evelyn Parra since December 2019 and I couldn’t be happier. When the pandemic hit and we were moved to online teletherapy I was a bit worried that not having in person therapy would affect my daughters progress but Evelyn was great during the sessions and my daughter has advanced tremendously and I’ll forever be thankful to her! Jenny has also been great and very accommodating and quick to answer any questions or concerns. I’m blessed to have found Evelyn and Exceptional speech. Highly recommend them.

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